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      • 85' Pneumatic Mast Elevated in Minutes

      • Virtually Any Site Accessible - wherever a 4x4 can go and more!

Instant Results!

eagleseyeviews provides affordable high quality digital aerial photography, wherever required, from a base in North East England - without ever leaving the ground!

Modern technology means that it is now possible to bring together the astonishing mega-pixel quality of the most recent digital cameras with the strength and flexibility of 21st century materials to take photographs from virtually any location from heights previously never possible. Using pneumatic masts with remotely controlled cameras this new ‘go anywhere’ facility allows several shots to be taken from the same spot in a short space of time, each one carefully ‘framed’ before being taken to ensure high quality results, few failures and an element of choice for the client previously unprecedented.

Photos can be printed there and then or provided, on site if requested, on CD ready to be taken for incorporation into whatever project or document they are required for.

All with the minimum of hassle!

Eagles Eye Views Ltd., Stable Cottage, Willington, Crook, County Durham, DL15 0ET

Terms and Conditions. Telephone: 07814 509168

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